In The Mission

Mochi in Boulder

Oh, snap! Another flight later and I find myself with Ulla and Alex in Denver, CO. Was super disappointed that they didn't play the theme song for Dynasty at the airport on repeat, but they did have other weirdness. Like, the runway is in the shape of a Swastika and there are creepy gargoyles around. And there's a giant statue of a blue horse with gleaming red eyes. Scary!

And so we went to Boulder. A cool town full of hippies and real cheap parking tickets (don't ask.) We got this weird Japanese ice cream / pastry thing at a place called Smooch. 'Coz that's how we roll.

Mochi! The Japanese, huh?

Alex and some pink mochi business.

Meanwhile, back at the Denver airport, this.

I gave my luggage to Satan.


A Backyard Barbecue With Pikku Jaettilaeinen

Zing! In two shakes I was transported to the Pacific Northwest, to Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, where Trevor was getting ready to show me a great time. Now, Trevor is a serious cook. The guy had smoked an entire chicken for us. We ate. We drank. We laughed. And that was only the first night!

Is that a delicious smokey&spicy salad I see you holding there? It sure is!

Motherfuckers beware. Later he slaughtered the fattest calf for us. Kidding!

Mmm, bison. Mmm, veggies.

Good eats.


Home Away From Home