In The Mission

Next Time

Dude! Jet lag like no other. We've slept the afternoons away and spent Friday night at Never Grow Old with Joni and Auli. We'll be in the swing of things soon, I'm sure. In the meantime, we're taking five hour naps in the PM. Damn!

48 lbs. In your face, airlines! (Though you did get me on additional baggage.)

Miikka, Jessie, Flash the timid dog, Sami, Lilli, Sheraz the award-winning friend, Lisa, Jeremy, Lauren, Jessica, (if I had a bar, you guys would have free rounds for life), Trevor the Pikku Jaettilaeinen, Raphael, Mark, Garrett, Nate, Owen, Mary the fresh salmiakki convert, Alex the greatest guy who pays no attention, Randy the corn-dog time can't be soon enough.

And Oulu People? Next time's right now, bitches!

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Doughnuts and Wine

Being the men of leisure that we are, Trevor and I decided to spend a day trekking around Portland and its vicinity. We hit Powell's City of Books (a bookstore that takes up an entire city block!) for a couple hours. Soo many books. Soo little room in suitcase. (Did get one: Moonwalking with Einstein.)

After that we were citied out for a while and decided to hit the Multnomah Falls. Yay!

Pretty self-evident.

Semi-crappy weather+week day = no tourists.

Wahkeena Falls, a nice, more secluded spot.

Enough nature for one day! We swung back to Portland and hit the Doug Fir. Weird mixture of Northwestern yuppie-classy joint-hipster dugout, but lots of fun. Can really see that place light up on a Friday night.

Bond face. Or, 'Bond fayschh'.

A Portlandian man. I guess. In Portland.

And we also made a point (cheers, Sheraz!) to hit one of the famed food carts in the city. This place was El Masry, corner of Washington and 3rd (SE?) and they had the best shawerma and hot sauce. Soo delicious!

Mm-mmm. Them flies and smell of sewage only added to its charm.

Keeping in with the whole eating and drinking shebang, we just had to visit Voodoo Doughnut. This is where doughnuts and wine comes in: we are men of leisure! We feel like having doughnuts and wine and watching Goon? We will!

Notice how the Voodoo Doll was stabbed in the genitals? Keep Portland Weird!

All in all, good job. Thanks, broheem!

...and have doughnuts and wine.

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The Finnish Guy Who Went Up A Mountain And Came Down A Hill

This one is for Oso, Janne and Tappo. I took Raphael's big mother of a bike up Twin Peaks today. And I had just the hangover for it, too. The wind was pretty brutal up there, as usual, but still managed to get up the hill after a breaks.

Photo bombing the Sutro.

Disgustingly hard as it was to ride up, gravity took me down in two shakes. That's the way it goes!

And as I was chilling out in SoMa later on, look who I ran into. San Francisco is such a village, you'll just bump into guys on the street. Beers tonight, Sami!

Sami on a cigarette break.

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