In The Mission

Next Time

Dude! Jet lag like no other. We've slept the afternoons away and spent Friday night at Never Grow Old with Joni and Auli. We'll be in the swing of things soon, I'm sure. In the meantime, we're taking five hour naps in the PM. Damn!

48 lbs. In your face, airlines! (Though you did get me on additional baggage.)

Miikka, Jessie, Flash the timid dog, Sami, Lilli, Sheraz the award-winning friend, Lisa, Jeremy, Lauren, Jessica, (if I had a bar, you guys would have free rounds for life), Trevor the Pikku Jaettilaeinen, Raphael, Mark, Garrett, Nate, Owen, Mary the fresh salmiakki convert, Alex the greatest guy who pays no attention, Randy the corn-dog time can't be soon enough.

And Oulu People? Next time's right now, bitches!

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