In The Mission

Bottomless Samovar

There's this thing we have, called "tipaton tiistai". Honoring that long-lasting (one week) tradition (two guys), we decided to head out to Zen Valley for some tea. People taking shelter from the rain; windows fogging up; sipping mint tea.


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So I had to give in to sinusitis, which was such a bummer, since I had been looking forward to the 'Stache Bash all month. And my 'stache was all but ready. Anyway, took a trip to St. Luke's hospital (nice folks) on César Chávez and Valencia and was prescribed, among other things, Vicodin.

I hear House should go on Norco, so as not to shoot his liver.

When you sit around the house and have nothing to do, you take pictures of coffee grounds in the kitchen sink.


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The Drum Rolls – The Ruffs, The Flams, And The Single Strokes!

The Cougar Cadet Drum Line rocked out on the Embarcadero one glorious Saturday. Wonderful technique and groovy stuff from some really young players, such an inspiration. Check out more on them here, and hey, why not make a donation?

Beat the skins, bang the cans, man.

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