In The Mission


Biked to Sausalito with my main man Oso (pictured) on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. We wimped out and took the ferry back to the city from what is essentially a horrible tourist trap, but the ride there was great. Nice weather, serious wind on the ferry. No pics from the bike ride? Eh.

Still smiling, but in two seconds the wind will kill you, cabrón.

Wait. This reminds me of something.

Yeah, yeah. Saaanfranciscosanfranciscosanfranciscoo. Give it a rest already.


Banksy #3

Boo-yaa! In the fabled Haight-Ashbury district, this one, above Villain's Vault. Somebody stuck an ad next to it, pfft. In other Banksy-related news: This one is gone, painted over by the building owner, apparently. And this one has the letters "BP" tagged on the chest of the rat. The artist Butt Plug, perhaps? ("British Petroleum" in reality. But a rat will take offense at that.)

Not gonna put up with that advertising shit.

And the line goes around the wall to the rat. Hey, what's the otter doing there?


In The Photo Booth

These pics make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Who says photo booths aren't fun! Pusut ja halit kaikille, rakkaat ystävät. Cheers to Thieves.

Not drunk at all. "Look, it's your hand!"

"Everybody look sexy, now!" "Now?" "Now!"

Love you guys.