In The Mission

Allowed Full Use Of Lane

Joined the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition today, a paramilitary organization fighting for bike rights in the city. While not telling bikers to bang on them with U-locks, they do encourage people to rat out cars that are parked illegally. But seriously, it's nice to be part of a community on paper, too. One less car.

My other gun.

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Vintage Shit

We stumbled on a new vintage store (sort of an oxymoron) on Valencia and 21st called Viracocha. Run by a relaxo dude named Jonathan (who bunks in a kind of an attic space in the back of the store), they have everything from huge wooden tables to red bath tubs to cool lamps and old vinyls. I hear they do some artsy stuff too, poetry and music and whatnot. Hey, it's all good.

Some really cool typewriters scattered around the store.


Matches. Matches! Old school, see?

Some guy made this chair for his mother. Eh?

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The House That Gimp Built

A few blocks away from my apartment lies the old San Francisco Armory. Jesus Christ this place gives me the creeps. It houses these days, which means there is freaky sex shit going on--day and night. You can almost hear the screams and the leather straps hitting butt cheeks outside. I hear one of the dominatrices is seriously not to be messed with (I guess none of them are.)

"Aaaaiiiieeeee! Eeeeeeee!"

I saw a couple run out of there, joyous, the guy hopping over parking meters. Why? Because they got the fuck out!

A sidenote: Two Finnish friends have entered, and won, the Porn Raffle at the Monthly Rumpus. One-year subscription to a site of their choice. With sites like "Everything Butt", what's not to like?

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