In The Mission

It’s You Again

This is a lady I met at Burning Man last year. Part of an 8-piece installation, "Crude Awakening", this statue (540 percent the size of a human,) "Ecstasy", was something I remembered--and the crew from that year did, too--and that really made an impression. So, during the spring I realized that they had set her up in Hayes Valley, on Patricia's Green. Good to see you again.

Stole this idea for a composition from Mufti. Yoink!


And he too got to say hi again.


New Paint

Still managed to spy some new stuff in the neighborhood before I leave. This thing popped up on the Wells Fargo parking lot at 16th and Hoff--it wasn't there, and then, one day, it was. There's sometimes a kid practicing tricks on his fixie on this lot, doing wheelies and riding backwards.

Life on the upswing.


Nature Boy

Seems like I've been only taking pictures of the great outdoors lately. That's the way it goes, I guess. And I've been kind of lazy with the camera in the Mission. Oh, well. Here's a tree.

In Muir Woods, this.


I need to do a series of "faces" in nature.