In The Mission

Home Away From Home



Moving On

Last days in San Francisco were a total blast. Birthdays, improv theater, eating out, getting drunk, Carnaval, craziness of all sorts. The fucking Golden Gate turned 75 years old. And we were too lazy to head out to watch it. "It'll be on YouTube," was the prevalent feeling about it. I'm sure it was (and is) and I'm fine. Instead, we got this:

'Tonight you sleep in hell!' (You thought I was going to do the other one, didn't you?)

Ha! We laughed, me and Sami and Lilli did. Such one-liners. Such sword-fighting. Such shitty acting!

But the DVD brings me to another point. The Lost Weekend video store on Valencia. Great place, to which I only have to offer you one piece of evidence.

Put that cookie down!

And that was it. San Francisco was ready to be left behind in one more day. And I was fine with all of it. I saw everyone (but one) and got to hang out with all you guys. The best times.

Be safe, all of you.


Brunch at Boogaloos

A little bit of detective work got me connected with this guy again! Mark, a rider of bicycles, is a friend Janne and I made at American Cyclery couple years back. You have a question on bikes, talk to this guy. Or on surface physics. Really happy to see him again after all this time. We hooked up over brunch at Boogaloos on Valencia. Nice weather, good food, and great company--couldn't ask for more. Cheers, Mark!

He smiles only because he doesn't know he'll be picking up the tab.