In The Mission

Coffee and Empanadas

But first, this is the beast that Raphael lent me. It's pretty big. I should have included a match box in the picture for scale, but take my word for it. Gigantic.


So I kicked off the day with some delicious empanadas at Chile Lindo, across the street from where I used to live. Go for the chilangas--soooo good with their cheesy jalapeƱo awesomeness. Glad to see they're still around.


And what do you know, I kept it up with hitting the hipster holdout that is Four Barrel Coffee on Valencia. With an overload of beards (epic), tattoos (plentiful) and beanies (red) I took refuge by the bar that overlooks the roaster. Where hipsters roast coffee with what little passion they have. (Clever allusion to this.)

Cool beans.

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