In The Mission

Just a Little Off the Top, Please

If you ever feel like having a straight edge taken to your face, I know just the guy. First visited Louie's Barbershop on Castro back in 2009 on a road trip. I wanted to get an American shave and a little asking around got me this address. And when I was last staying in the city, Don was in charge of my hair, and no one else. A gentleman and a master barber.

Don, the sweetest guy. With facial hair like none other.

So, this place is the real thing. Been around since the 1930's and still going strong. Black and white diamond tile flooring, old school chairs, total walk-in--this is the good stuff. And I can't go on about the shave long enough. Lather, hot towel, straight edge razor, with some Bay Rum to finish it all up. (Bay Rum is supposedly the only fragrance that can overpower cigar smoke. Snap!)

Old school. Good times.

Kick back, why don't you?

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